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This Learner Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Explain and apply the concept, principles and theories of motivation in a leadership context. The series of Learner Guides are conceptualized in modular’s format and developed to improve the skills and knowledge of learners, and thus enabling them to effectively and efficiently complete specific tasks.

Learners are required to attend training sessions as specified by their organization. These sessions are presented in modules, and conducted by a qualified facilitator.

The purpose of this Learner Guide is to provide learners with the necessary knowledge related to Explain and apply the concept, principles and theories of motivation in a leadership context

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of leadership and management

The only way to establish whether a learner is competent and has accomplished the specific outcomes is through an assessment process.

Assessment involves collecting and interpreting evidence about the learner’s ability to perform a task.

This guide may include assessments in the form of activities, assignments, tasks or projects, as well as workplace practical tasks. Learners are required to perform tasks on the job to collect enough and appropriate evidence for their portfolio of evidence, proof signed by their supervisor that the tasks were performed successfully.

To qualify and receive credits towards the learning program, a registered assessor will conduct an evaluation and assessment of the learner’s portfolio of evidence and competency

This describes the situation and circumstance in which competence must be demonstrated and the parameters in which learners operate

The responsibility of learning rest with the learner, so:

  • Be proactive 
  • Seek assistance and help from your CDP, if required.